Why is there a validity for data packs?

As you know before Vodafone net pack, Airtel data plan, BSNL data plan cost around 300 rupees to 500 rupees only for 28 days. But have you ever imagine why 28 days or not 30 days and why limitation to 1 month. So here is a simple answer of this burning question.

The maximum validity of data plans should not reach 90 days in total rule set by TRAI (Telecom regulatory Authority of India) but now they updated the rule and exceed the time limit to 365 days (jio-jio).

Now why 2 days less than 30 days of a month i.e. 28 days. So if it is 30 days we have to recharge 12 times a year but if it is 28 days we have to recharge 13 times a year so that's the business and so that Telecom operator can earn more as that simple.

Mobile data plans

There is one more tweak if it is 28 days then you will remember or prepared for recharging before 1 day of the next month but if it is 30 days then date maths get complicated and you forget to recharge and your balance hits the magical zero now there is a no tension because "jio maine leli aaj ,jio maine leli ajj"๐Ÿ˜‚

Now why is there not a validity for lifetime so there is a simple reason because there is a very less number of wired broadband connection and WiFi at homes in India. People are much more depend on data plans as a result cause more and more traffic to a single bandwidth and Spectrum results in spectrum crunch. This can be understand by the fact that in daytime jio speed is less due to heavy traffic in a particular area but at night the speed is usually better than days.
For data packs to be unlimited we have to install more than more wired broadband connections and public hotspots.

On 1 April 2005, NASA pulled a prank telling the world, that they have found water on Mars ๐Ÿ˜š

Why are bikes always have their headlights on in India?

Now a days in India many people wonders to see headlamp of bikes on in day time and fly their hands high to tell the person in order to kindly switch off the headlights of the bike. But they don't know that government of India introduced AHO (automatic headlights on) norms in all new bikes and Scotties (yup Scotties also ๐Ÿ˜Ž) for the safety of riders and the people on the roads.
Now come to the point what does AHO  means? and Why is it introduced?

So let's get started.....

What does AHO means?

Bikes headlights is on always in india

AHO stands for automatic headlights on. It is a norm implemented by government of India made it compulsory that new bikes will have headlights on all the time, be it day or night. When two wheelers have this feature their headlights will start glowing as the engine is started and they won't have any switch to turn on & off the headlights.

Why is it introduced?

Basically AHO introduced for the safety of the riders and for the people on the roads. DRL(day time running lights terms used in European countries like AHO in India) was introduced in Europe in 2003 because of low visibility in the climate. In most part of the europe climate is cloudy, foggy, always raining and snowing. This makes lower visibility for the riders causes accidents on the roads. In India, drivers claim that they didn't see the motorcycles due to lower lighting, fog, heavy rain and because of bikes are very narrow. Hence govt. Of India introduced AHO feature in all two-wheelers from April onwards.

It will take some time to digest this fact of AHO. But one thing is sure that you will have to ready to face the kindly suggestions ๐Ÿ– from people on the road that your headlight is on, kindly turned it off ๐Ÿ˜Š

The only part of the body that has no blood supply is the cornea of the eye ๐Ÿ‘. It receives oxygen directly from the air ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

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How to detect hidden cameras in the trial rooms, and hotels?

Hidden camera lens

Shopping of clothes is popular among women. Seeing a dress, fall in love with it and trying it. But this trying can be watched by the hidden cameras in the trial rooms by the sick person's mentality. Here i am going to tell you the easy tips & tricks like detecting hidden cameras using android, using spy camera app, And other facts like two-way mirror concept that ensure you never fall into such traps.

So let's get started...

What is a two-way mirror?

A two-way mirror is a reflective mirror on one side where you can see your face and reflections but there is a transparent normal glass on the other side through which anyone can look at you directly without your knowledge. This type of mirror can be placed in the trial rooms, bathrooms and in hotels.

Two-way mirror diagram

How can we detect a two-way mirror?

1) Touch test

If you tap on the two-way mirror with your knuckle it will produce an open, hollow and reverberating sound because there is an open space in the other side contrary to a reflecting mirror which produces a dull, flat sound since it's place infront of a wall.

2) Torch test

For the proper working of two-way mirror one side of the room must be very bright while other side (observers side) must be dark
Turn off the rooms light then turn on camera flash. Now flash of camera will pass threw mirror
And you can see the observer behind the mirror in the dark room.

3) Finger test

Touch the mirror if it's two-way mirror then there is no gap between the finger and reflection. If it's ordinary or simple mirror then there will be a gap between your finger and reflection.

Two-way mirror detecting

How can we detect hidden cameras using android?

1) The easiest way to detect is using your phone calling. By dialling any number if find any disturbance, noise, low signal, call not connect issue means there is a hidden cam.

To check, do the same at your home, use your mobile close to PC or laptop, you will understand the sort of disturbance it produce.
Not all phones will do this, you have to check whether your phone buzzes or not.

2) Turn off all the lights in the room. Close all the curtains. Turn on the mobile camera. Walk around in the room. If red or purple dots shown on phones  screen then there is chance of spy camera.

To confirm it just see your TV remote through it. It will show a purple spot.
Focus on the front remote and click any Button to see the purple dot.

How to detect hidden cameras using spy camera apps?

1) Android users can try a free app-Glint finder

2) The hidden camera detector app for iPhone costs $4.99 and can be purchased in the apps store.

Both these apps require you to be fairly close to the hidden camera. The angle of hidden camera​lens and smartphone has to be the same.

A dim lit room gave us the best detection result. After turning off the light we can check for strange LED lights that shouldn't be there. Check hidden camera in conspicuous items such as eyeglasses, lamps, buttons, books, desk plant, house plant, tissues boxes, stuffed teddy bears etc. Watch for cameras near valuable items. Look for mirrors that had no meaning to be place there. Most hidden camera requires AC power to run so check for all unrecognised power plugings to the sockets.

Vivo, oppo and one plus are all owned by the same company ๐Ÿค”

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Biggest ransomware attack ever seen.Everything you should need to know about wannacry ransomware attack.

I think in the modern days "data is life" It hurts๐Ÿ˜” when someone stolen your own data and ask money for that.
Now I am going to give you all the information about wannacry ransomware that what exactly it do?how can you protect yourself?what can you do if the computer is infected?so that you can protect your precious data of yours and your loved ones.

Now come to the point what is ransomware? and why it is so called wannacry? So this is a malware, a type of trojon virus created to block access to computer system until a sum of money is paid.This ransomware is called as wannacry because it is created by a hackers group known as wannacry.

In this wannacry ransomware they demand the victims to pay 300 dollars in Bitcoins. If the victim doesn't pay till 3 days the amount doubles to 600 dollars and ultimately after 7 days without any payment they deleted all the files and data๐Ÿ˜ค.Now coming to a interesting question why they ask money in Bitcoins so as you know this is a digital currency popular among cyber criminals because it has no central authority, no rules and regulations and practically impossible to trace.

Remember that paying ransom doesn't guarantee that it will remove ransomware from your computer. Fulfillng the demand of hackers only give them funds to create and spread more and more ransomware program.

This is the biggest ransomware attack that we have ever seen occurs on Friday in may 12th.It infected 230,000 computers in 150 countries. European countries were hit the hardest. Government agencies like UK's national health service and telecom providers like Spains telefonica were infected. In India wannacry attack computers including computers of government agencies like Andhra Pradesh police department.

IS THE ATTACK OVER?:-- NO Unfortunately the spread doesn't actually stopped but instead slowed.On Saturday a security researcher named Marcus Hutchins slowed the spread of this virus by registering the domain name hidden within the virus code.


1) Regardless of which OS, you run install all available security updates and patches immediately.

2) Windows users with computers that run windows XP, windows 8, or windows server 2003 should immediately install security updates and patches released on Friday by Microsoft.

3) Never click on a link by SMS, WhatsApp, Gmail, Facebook, and other untrusted websites and applications.

4) Keep your file backed up regularly and periodically in more than one secure place.

5) Don't use torrent for some days.

6) Don't download songs, softwares, movies, etc. from pirated websites and apps.

7) Mobile phones are affected by these virus or not is not confirmed either there is no such case of it but we have to take safety majors in mobile phones also.

8) An antivirus would work but it's not the best option. wannacry uses so called ETERNALBLUE vulnerability inside windows code. The best way to protect yourself is to install the latest update that fixes the ETERNALBLUE vulnerability or using anti-malware program especially made to protect against sophisticated malwares like ransomware in mind.

9) Don't use filetypes that are targeted and encrypted by wannacry especially .exe file.

10) If your computer is hijacked or attacked immediately shut down the system and seek the help of computer professionals or IP experts. Don't give in.


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Water is colourless.why? explained!๐Ÿ’ง

We see water in different forms and colours.Sometimes it is coloured because of the colour of particles present in it.e.g. bacteria,blue algae,fungi etc.But water is actually a faint blue colour (pure water).The blue colour becomes more clear and enhanced when we look down or through a large volume of water while relatively small quantities of the water appears to be colourless.Example of large volume of water is ocean which is blue when seen from above it.Now some says that blue colour comes from the reflection of the sky.This is the common misconception.This can be explained by the fact that ocean remains blue in cloudy days.When sky is full of white clouds.Now we come to the point that why water is colourless.Reason is given below.

1) We already know that white colour is made up of several colours. Now any matter is made up of little particles (atoms & molecules).When light falls on these particles.Some colours gets absorbed and some gets reflected and that reflected colour when reaches our eyes we see colour in them for example-When we look at an orange๐ŸŠ all colour from light except orange colour get absorbed and when that orange colour is reflected reaches our eyes we see orange looks orange in colour๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚.
similar is the case of water only difference is that it reflect all colours except a little blue colour. when all these colour reaches our eyes all colour gets combined and form white light thus water seems colourless.

2) Because hydrogen and oxygen both are colourless and hence water is colourless because it is the combination of both hydrogen and oxygen.

3) It could be hereditary as our eyes first evolved in water hence our body adapted to see water colourless.

4) electron transition,unpaired or paired electron in a substance makes it coloured or colourless.If it has unpaired electron then electron transition occurs and this makes substance coloured. If it has paired electron transition not occurs and then substances will be colourless.Water has no unpaired electron so it comes in the colourless category.
In the browser Mozilla Firefox logo is actually a red panda๐Ÿผ not a fox native to Himalayas and southwestern China. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Have you ever imagine why our hands swinging when we are walking?

Swinging actually had a purpose,it conserves energy of our body.Yae right it conserves energy.How? Let's find out๐Ÿ˜Š

Scientifically the people who hold their arms at rest while walking use 12℅ more body energy than people who swings their arms naturally.
Assume arm is like a pendulum, when our legs moves, our body also moves and that movement forces our arms(i.e. Pendulum) to swing.Now think if we stop this movement or force by doing our arms at rest means our body is applying an external energy(i.e. body energy) contrary to natural swinging in which body doesn't apply any force or energy and swings like to and fro.Thats way our body use energy when we take the hands at rest.

Swinging hands also maintain the centre of gravity of our body in an unstable place. It supplies dynamic balance to the body. If we had a tail๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ˜„ we wouldn't have to swing our arms to balance our body.

If you think to go against natural arm swing to burn more calories then this can damage your spines.So guyzz hold on with your natural swing to carry on with your walk.

Teacher: Agar koi moti ladki palat ke waapis aae to,

is sentence ko English mein kya kahenge?

Pappu: "Gol Maal Returns!"๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜™

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Judges break the nib of the pen after the death of a prisoner, why? explained.

The fact is that the act of breaking the nib of a pen is not an act under any law. It is just a belief that court follows. It is a british custom done by convention, not because of any rule. But do you imagine why they do it? So below is some reasons why they do it.

1) It is done by Judges as to distance themselves from the guilt of their judgment

2) To safeguard that none can commit such offence.

3) Breaking of nib used to express the sorrow.

4) It also declares that Judges is only carrying out his official accountability

In modern days, it has been observed that instead of breaking of nib, they throw the refill of the pen out.
Once it is declared death none can question it. Only supreme Court can override it.

Some of the stars we see in the night sky are not really exist.They are called as "Ghost stars".๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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Can bank account hacked by hackers if he knows account number,IFSC code,PAN number and account holder name?

I know how hard it is to earn money.You earn and money save it to the bank for future purposes but in addition you have to take care of your money.

So let's start I'm giving you the answer to the point that can anyone hack your account with these above information. So the answer is that NO ONE can missuse or hack your account with these information so take a chill-pill.No hacking can be shooted with these details. Passbooks/Checkbooks contains our bank account number,name,IFSC code and PAN number if it was supposed to be sensitive then they wouldn't brought it to light.

One can use account name and number only to transfer some bundles of money.IFSC code (Indian financial system code) which is a 11 digit alphanumeric number which shows any bank branch address,only used to locate the branch of any bank. It can be found over internet easily. So you don't have to bother about account name, number and IFSC code.

But In case of PAN number you have to little more concious.I mean not very but little bit. PAN cannot be used for withdrawal of money like credit card or debit card.PAN or permanent account number is our id in the income tax department of India.If someone has a Xerox copy of yours, he won't be able to make any use of it.It can be use in some works like taking a sim card but still he requires the photo and address proof of yours.

Some People may not be elective to get loans due to poor financial records or any other reason. Such people may try to take benefit from our PAN.These type of activities​ can only be performed by people who are close to us.So firstly we have to know the person well before giving our PAN.

We have to careful with sharing of our date of birth.Chances are also there that any unknown person with our PAN can register on the income tax site with our surname and date of birth. This type of details can easily be traced by our social profile.
Railways displaying only last digits of the PAN card so that PAN harm can be avoided.


Bank doesn't wants any of these details over phone so don't EVER SHARE any of these below details over phone or mail to any one even to the bank employee (s).

1) Debit card/ Credit card no.

2) Debit card pin .

3) Net banking user id and passwords.

4) Cheque book or cheque signed.

5) mobile number/OTP

6) Avoid to give PAN as identity proof. Instead give other id(s) like voter ID or driving licence.


Where do deleted files go from mobiles or computer systems?

First of all they don't go anywhere they remain in the mobile phones and computers.When we delete a file, it is unreadable by the mobiles and computer.However the file is still on its memory or at some particular location,at least until other file is saved to the same location.
Further more on any hard disk there is a table stored that shows some certain file is stored at the particular location (s).When the file is deleted, the original character of the file is removed and it is marked as "unknown".Now from the next time drive knows that the location which is marked as unknown were free to be overwritten with new data.
As long as no fresh data had been written over that certain location with information, everything was still there and that's why we could recover it by data recovery software and apps.

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Why do Tv screens or monitors flickers when filmed by the video?

In simple thoughts TV screen's scan or refresh rate is not match with scan or refresh rate (rate at which screen data refreshes) of filming equipments (eg.camera,mobile phones).
For example-Tv screen refreshes at speed of 60fps but on a mobile phone the refresh rate is only 25fps or 30fps.
A digital/video camera is using a sensor which has the certain amount of pixels and it is capturing something that doesn't have matching number of pixels.
Another reason is that the understanding of phosphorus dots by human eyes and camera sensors are different.
Some Devices control the flicker of screen.Generally a digital signal is sent to the monitor so that it will sync with the camera.

Why our tounge start jiggling​ when we open our mouth infront of the mirror?

If we talk in short this is due to the nerve impulses in the tounge.The tounge has distribution from three different sensory nerves branches.
The muscles of the tounge get distributed by one nerve except one muscle which is joined by the soft palate to the tounge. Hence jiggle overdue to differences in the direction of the impulses of two different nerves at different time. If both go together it will not possible for the tounge to take the food inward.when keeping the mouth open this jiggling happens automatically

Why is there a validity for data packs?

As you know before Vodafone net pack, Airtel data plan, BSNL data plan cost around 300 rupees to 500 rupees only for 28 days. But have yo...